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Featured Project: The Social Network
Dec 19 2010
“The Social Network” and “Never Let Me Go” on DVD/Blu-Ray

Both of Andrew’s recent 2010 movies are headed for your living room on DVD and Blu-Ray early next year and you can pre-order both on Amazon now! Below are a list of special features on each set.

“The Social Network (DVD | Blu-Ray) out on January 11, 2011

Disc One

* Commentary with David Fincher
* Commentary with Aaron Sorkin and Cast

Disc Two

* How Did They Ever Make a Movie of Facebook? Feature-length documentary
* Angus Wall, Kirk Baxter and Ren Klyce on Post
* Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and David Fincher on the Score
* In the Hall of the Mountain King: Reznor’s First Draft
* Swarmatron
* Jeff Cronenweth and David Fincher on the Visuals
* Ruby Skye VIP Room: Multi-Angle Scene Breakdown

“Never Let Me Go” (DVD | Blu-Ray) out February 11, 2011

# The Secrets of Never Let Me Go
# Mark Romanek’s On-Set Photography
# Tommy’s Art
# National Donor Programme & Hailsham Campaign Graphics
# Theatrical Trailer

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4 Responses to ““The Social Network” and “Never Let Me Go” on DVD/Blu-Ray”

  1. nats Says:

    Guess I’ll buy both.
    The extras on “Never Let Me Go” seems really interesting.
    And for “The Social Network” there’s no question about it. Great film!

  2. nats Says:

    Also, thanks for the info. LOL

  3. Bianca Says:

    Will the TSN special DVD edition will be available in UK too?


  4. Andrew @ “The Social Network” DVD Release Party | Andrew Garfield Online • Your Newest Resource @ www.andrewgarfield.net Says:

    [...] attended a DVD release party for “The Social Network” tonight (out on DVD/Blu-Ray January 11th) and the first couple of pics are below in the gallery. More as we find [...]

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